Inequalities — worksheet + answer key

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LEVEL UP your Algebra skills!

When you play a video game, you don't start on the hardest level.

You start with easy training...then LEVEL UP step-by-step.

This encourages players to keep coming back and get better each time.

That's what this series of Algebra Training workouts from Socratica High will do.

The audience for this worksheet includes: gifted, homeschool, and students who need enrichment activities. Also suitable for homework & flipped classrooms. Be sure to watch the accompanying "LEVEL UP" video . Seven problems are answered on the video.

This handout has some additional bonus quick questions at the end.

Handout includes 22 problems about working with inequalities with one variable.

Answer key included on separate page.

There's also a connected lesson video all about inequalities.


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This work was made possible by The Socratica Foundation.

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22 practice problems about inequalities. Answer Key included.

Gradually increasing difficulty
Helps you build your skills
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Inequalities — worksheet + answer key

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I want this!